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Requisite Agility UnSymposium 2019

Requisite Agility UnSymposium is an intense 2-day inaugural meeting aimed at exploring and comparing antecedent organizational and management systems, co-creating the conceptual foundations of Requisite Agility (RA), and establishing a community of contributors and practitioners to take the proceedings forward. The resulting body of knowledge, created by the RA Community, will be licensed under Creative Commons, attributing all contributors and provided as open access to the public.

We bring together system thinkers, holistic organizational anatomists, enterprise pathologists and engineers, agile coaches, and other practitioners to share their experiences, expertise and insights and to learn from each other. The meeting will take place February 9–10, 2019 in a premier location in New York City.

We aim at:

  • Bringing together a cordial, cross-disciplinary community of agile organization practitioners;
  • Sharing cutting-edge information, insights, and ideas of fellow professionals;
  • Establishing a vibrant community of practice that will continue exploring the conceptual foundations and practice of Requisite Agility;
  • Co-creating content and material that is useful and valuable for the RA Community and beyond.

The event is capped at 50 people. 

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