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London Continuous Delivery MeetUp: Database DevOps: Techniques for Safely Evolving Production Databases 

August 29, 2017

Clerkenwell, London


                   London, England             


Presenter: Scott W. Ambler                                                        

Database DevOps: Techniques for Safely Evolving Production Databases 

Data, the way that we process it and store it, is one of many important aspects of IT. Data is the lifeblood of our organizations, supporting real-time business processes and decision-making. For our DevOps strategy to be truly effective we must be able to safely and quickly evolve production databases, just as we safely and quickly evolve production code. Yet for many organizations their data sources prove to be less than trustworthy and their data-oriented development efforts little more than productivity sinkholes. We can, and must, do better.

The presentation began with a collection of agile principles for data professionals and of data principles for agile developers - the first step in working together is to understand and appreciate the priorities and strengths of the people that we work with. Our focus is on a collection of practices - the "agile database techniques stack" - that enable development teams to easily and safely evolve and deploy databases. These techniques include vertical slicing, clean architecture and design, agile data modeling, database refactoring, database regression testing, continuous database integration, and configuration management. We also work through operational strategies required of production databases to support a Disciplined DevOps strategy.  If database evolution isn’t an explicit part of your DevOps strategy then you’re not really doing DevOps yet, are you?


·  Data professionals wanting to learn how to support DevOps

·  Agile developers wanting to learn how to address database issues in their DevOps strategy

·  IT management who want to adopt DevOps within their organization

Since it's the holiday season we normally run a more informal meetup in August - essentially just the beers and networking part in a pub.

Generally this month will be similar, except we will be joined by Scott W. Ambler who will deliver an informal 30 minute talk from the pub - probably beer in hand. 

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