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DevOps Pro Moscow: Disciplined DevOps 

November 16, 2017



Presenter: Felice Pescatore         

Disciplined DevOps

Felice talked about Disciplined DevOps, the core activities of Disciplined Agile 2.1. He xplained how to reach real DevOps benefits needs a disciplined approach to company organization and must be a gradual change to reduce the annexed high risks.

Today, Information Technology is a strategic asset of every company: no ones can make business without modern, flexible and reliable services.

All the people involved in the creation and maintenance of that services must be aligned with the business goals, and every decision must be taken balancing risk and opportunities to optimize resources use and People engagement.

DevOps can help Delivery Teams to best do that, align themselves with business strategies through the creation of an efficacy flow for fast respond to market changes and preserve the ability to grant the contextual quality levels. But DevOps isn’t something you can buy, it is something that you must reach gradually inside your company: it is a Cultural change and like every cultural change you must move through it step by step. Disciplined Agile 2 can help you in this action, explaining how to reach real DevOps benefits in a holistic approach that involve all the company areas. All the changes must be disciplined to reduce the annexed risks.

People that will attend to this speech will understand how a disciplined approach is important to drive the transformation action and how Disciplined Agile and Disciplined DevOps propose a holistic approach, supported by strategies and goals, that can be used for keeping the course in this cultural change. We will use our time to explore the main Disciplined DevOps Process Blades and see how we can boost our market agility improving the IT area and supporting all the People with a new organizational approach, based on leadership rather than management.

About Felice:

Felice is a Research Manager and Microsoft MVP. He works daily with complex projects using Agile/Lean/DevOps approaches to achieve business goals. As Software Engineer with a Master Degree in Software Technology and Software Management, his primary focus is on Enterprise Lean Coaching, helping international company, specially in energy/banking and automotive fields, to transform themselves in a more dynamic and Value driven companies.

Specifically, Felice works intensively with Disciplined Agile 2.x and SAFe to give to the customers an initial holistic vision of their company, and using it like a “start point” for the transformation. Also, he uses Lean Startup to support new business idea creation. Meanwhile he creates and owns the open project, a new disciplined approach aimed to support companies to create massive market IoT solutions in a manner where different people with different skills work together day-by-day to create a consumable solution.

Felice is a DAC Advisory Council member and a CDAP.

About the Conference

DevOps Pro Moscow is not about ideas. It’s about making ideas happen.

The DevOps Pro Conference is the leading event where DevOps mindset, skills and tools of development, IT operations and quality assurance (QA) converge. The conference covers the core principles and concepts of the DevOps methodology and demonstrates how to use the most common DevOps patterns to develop, deploy and maintain applications on-premises and in the cloud.

From developers to businessmen, thought leaders, CEO’s and entrepreneurs – 300+ attendees are looking to go hand-in-hand with the most recent trends, take advantage of various sessions, meet their future clients or business partners and connect with amazing people interested in DevOps world. What about you?

DevOps Pro Conference puts the spotlight on entire software delivery pipeline and the following domains:

DevOps Approach- Continuous Delivery, Continuous Integration, Configuration Management, Automated Testing and Deployment

DevOps Real World Experience- Technology Adoption, Real Life Implementation Examples, Best Practices and Insights from the Field

DevOps Tools- Docker, Chef, Puppet, PowerShell, Kubernetes, GitHub, Ansible, SaltStack, Capistrano, Jenkins

DevOps Technologies- Virtualization, Containerization, Orchestration, Microservices, Cloud Computing (Google Compute Engine, Azure, OpenStack)

Who should attend- Developers and IT Professionals

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