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DevOps Deep Dive: Reinvent Your Organization with DevOps Disciplined and Management 3.0

July 21, 2017



Presenter: Felice Pescatore         

DevOps Deep Dive: Reinvent Your Organization with DevOps Disciplined and Management 3.0

A modern organization is a complex ecosystem that evolves rapidly. Management skills and capabilities must be different from those of the last century, working in a holistic way.

With this focus, DevOps must be “disciplined” and based on a new organizational approach, where each employ is a change agent that helps the company to fast respond at market perturbations and maintain an appropriate resilience.

During the talk, we will discover together how Disciplined Agile can help you to create a new Company Culture, conditioning all areas of our business and support it with a modern management leadership.

About Felice:

Felice is a Research Manager and Microsoft MVP. He works daily with complex projects using Agile/Lean/DevOps approaches to achieve business goals. As Software Engineer with a Master Degree in Software Technology and Software Management, his primary focus is on Enterprise Lean Coaching, helping international company, specially in energy/banking and automotive fields, to transform themselves in a more dynamic and Value driven companies.

Specifically, Felice works intensively with Disciplined Agile 2.x and SAFe to give to the customers an initial holistic vision of their company, and using it like a “start point” for the transformation. Also, he uses Lean Startup to support new business idea creation. Meanwhile he creates and owns the open project, a new disciplined approach aimed to support companies to create massive market IoT solutions in a manner where different people with different skills work together day-by-day to create a consumable solution.

Felice is a DAC Advisory Council member and a CDAP.


DomusDotNet e di nuovo insieme, questa volta per per un evento di taglio avanzato su DevOps e Continuous Delivery.

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