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Agile Alliance 2017 Conference: Disciplined Agile Masterclass: Agile for the Enterprise


August 9, 2017



Presenters:      Mark Lines                Scott W. Ambler  


AGILE 2017 brought renewed Agile innovators, gurus and authors, thought leaders, and expert practitioners to from all corners of the globe together! Agile Developers, Executives, Teams, Managers, Coaches, and Consultants came to our annual conference to learn from world- class experts who shared their passion for Agile. 

This annual Agile Alliance North American conference was dedicated to furthering Agile principles and providing a venue for people and ideas to flourish. This is where the Agile tribes meet!

Disciplined Agile Masterclass: Agile for the Enterprise

Teams within your organization have been experimenting with agile techniques such as Scrum, continuous integration (CI), and agile testing and have shown promising results. But people within your organization still have significant reservations about this new development strategy. How does modeling and documentation fit it? How do you ensure your organization’s long-term goals are still being addressed? How does this approach scale to large teams, to distributed teams, or to regulatory environments? How do you govern these agile teams effectively? 

Agile transformation is hard because cultural change is hard. It’s not one problem that needs to be solved, but a series of hundreds decisions affecting lots of people over a long period of time that affects relationships, processes, and most importantly the mindset of those working within the change. Disciplined Agile (DA) is unlike any other framework, because it’s based on empiricism, industry data and industry adoption of modern agile practices. The result is a huge wealth of structured information that allows you to map your challenges into a decision structure of proven strategies that other enterprises have found to work in practice. In effect you can apply the DA framework to identify process improvements that reflect the actual situations faced by your teams.

In this workshop you learn how to go beyond Scrum and Kanban to take a disciplined, modern agile approach to solution delivery that provides a foundation from which to scale. To help cut through some of the agile rhetoric, industry statistics will be shared throughout this workshop. This is a collaborative workshop were participants will work in small teams to describe how they would address common scenarios faced by agile teams in modern organizations.

Learning Outcomes:

·       Discover how organizations around the world are implementing agile in enterprise settings 

·       Discover how agile solution delivery works from beginning to end 

·       Learn about the choices you have available to you so that you can adopt a strategy that works for you 

·       Gain first-hand knowledge about the DA process decision framework and its application from its co-creators 

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