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Charlotte, NC: Southern Fried Agile 2015 


October 15 2015









  Presenter: Scott Ambler



Opening Keynote

 Southern Fried Agile                                                                           

This year Southern Fried Agile have partnered with the Charlotte Convention Center and the NASCAR Hall of Fame to bring you the best conference experience in Charlotte and in SFA history so you will absolutely NOT want to miss Southern Fried Agile 2015!!


We invite you to ‘uncover ways to develop software and help others do it’ with over 500 agile enthusiasts in Charlotte, NC on October 15th for SFA 2015. Participate in agile sessions, two incredible keynotes, panel discussions, a delicious SFA traditional lunch, and a host of opportunities to network during this exciting day of learning, collaboration, and fun!!


No matter what your role is or where you are in your Agile journey, you will be sure to share and learn among the region’s growing Agile community at SFA 2015. This year’s presenters and attendees are sure to include some of the best innovators, transformers, and practitioners in the field.


This year we have two special keynotes lined up. An encore appearance from Dave West, Chief Product Officer, of Tasktop Technologies. We are also very excited to welcome to SFA 2015 Scott Ambler of Scott Ambler and Associates and founder of the Disciplined Agile 2.0 framework.


Another addition to our conference is an opportunity to receive a certification in the Disciplined Agile framework from Scott Ambler. The certification class will be held on Friday, October 16th, the day after the conference. The session begins with a brief overview of the fundamentals Disciplined Agile, Disciplined DevOps, and Disciplined Agile IT.  We call this the Disciplined Agile 2.0 framework. The remainder of the workshop is run like an agile project.  As a group we run through a brainstorming session where workshop participants identify questions that they want to get answered about how to pragmatically apply agile strategies in the situations that they face. Check out the DA 301: Disciplined Agile Master Class page on the SFA site for a detailed agenda.


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