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  • 30 Jul 2020 8:50 AM
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    Maria (Mary) Ortega (Administrator)

    Dear Nabeel Rehman:  

    Thank you for your reaching out to us.  We will look into the issue this morning.  Someone will reach out to you shortly.  Thank you for your patience.

  • 28 Jul 2020 5:18 AM
    Reply # 9129993 on 9014529

    Hi All,

    I have been waiting for the CDAP application for over two weeks now and there is absolutely no communication or confirmation by DA Team or PMI about receiving application and next steps on it.

    I am an advocate for DA and its really awesome but unfortunately, gap in communication creates un-necessary miss-trust.

    I look forward for prompt support and information.

  • 08 Jul 2020 9:40 AM
    Reply # 9088094 on 9014529

    I have my DALSM application submitted.  Is there a way to know if it was received and in the queue. I received the notification the team is about 2 weeks behind on DALSAM, but just want to make sure I have a spot in the queue for review.

    Thanks for any advice.

  • 10 Jun 2020 2:45 PM
    Reply # 9028647 on 9014529
    Maria (Mary) Ortega (Administrator)

    Congratulations Alexandre! We understand you have achieved the DALSM Certification. Your membership was updated yesterday. 

    Robin, we will get back to you with an update as quickly as possible.

  • 04 Jun 2020 1:15 PM
    Reply # 9015404 on 9014529

    You are being very diplomatic, having issues is normal not being able to resolve and overcoming it's worrying. Creates distrust, lack of motivation to pursue the certification roadmap. They teach how to find our WoW but in reality they don't apply it. 

    Last week I received an email from PMI customer care saying that they will provide some update about my DALSM certification process by the end of this week, I am seeing the week passing and every day it passes I become more confident that they will not provide any kind of feedback. (based on the experience of the last 2 months.) 

    Week after week the reply is being delayed, is a never ending story like the movie.

    This has become a very profitable business, without feedback, support and respect by the members.

    Last modified: 04 Jun 2020 1:15 PM | Alexandre Miguel Oliveira da Costa
  • 04 Jun 2020 8:32 AM
    Message # 9014529

    Hi DA team, 

    This might not be the right forum for this question, however I understand from Scott's response to another members question around certification that you have been having some issues, which I am sorry to hear. 

    I am reaching out as I am having similar challenges as I have invested and attended the instructor course in January, I sat and passed the required exams in very early March and the references were provided and received by mid April. 

    Im sorry to say that I have tried emailing but not had any response as yet. I am a huge advocate of DA and built a tool around it and want to take it forward with a key client and provide training on DA. Any chance on an update on how you guys are overcoming the challenges you outlined previously and when we can expect improvement to the current situation. 

    Which reminds me to say that I really like the improvements you have been making to the DA toolkit.

    Keep well and safe.


    Last modified: 04 Jun 2020 8:33 AM | Robin James

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