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  • Toronto, ON, Canada: DA301 Disciplined Agile Master Class with Scott Ambler

Toronto, ON, Canada: DA301 Disciplined Agile Master Class with Scott Ambler

  • 27 Nov 2015
  • 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM
  • Centre for Social Innovation- Innovation Lab; 215 Spadina Avenue, Suite 400 Toronto, ON M5T 2C7

You have been working on agile projects, very often taking a Scrum or Kanban-based approach, and for the most part you’ve had positive experiences.  But you’ve run into a few challenges along the way and you realize that surely others have already figured these things out.  This is where Disciplined Agile (DA) comes in.  DA is a hybrid agile approach which combines strategies from a variety of sources – Scrum, XP, Agile Modeling, Kanban, and many others – and shows how they fit together in a pragmatic manner which reflects the realities of enterprise environments.  DA provides coherent guidance for how to address many, if not all, of the challenges that you are struggling with.


The workshop is not technical and is suitable for all team members. Many group exercises reinforce the principles learned. The workshop is also valuable for management tasked with moving from traditional approaches to agile.


Eventbrite - DA301 Disciplined Agile Delivery Master Class 



  • Experienced agilists wanting to increase their understanding of Discipline Agile
  • People wishing to prepare for Disciplined Agile Certification
  • Gain first-hand knowledge about the DA 2.0 framework and it's application from one of its co-founders

The agenda will be tailored to meet your needs.  We begin with a brief overview of the fundamentals of Disciplined Agile 2.0 (DA), Disciplined DevOps, and Disciplined Agile IT.  We call this the Disciplined Agile 2.0 framework.   Then the remainder of the workshop is run like an agile project.  As a group we run through a brainstorming session where workshop participants identify questions that they want to get answered about how to pragmatically apply agile strategies in the situations that they face.  We then group the questions into topics.  At that point we treat the topics as requirements for the workshop which we estimate, prioritize, and work through in an agile manner.  This approach enables us to tailor a workshop that addresses your most pressing concerns.


Some questions that have been asked in previous workshops:

  • How do architecture practices fit in?
  • How can you remain agile when you need to give a fixed estimate up front?
  • How do you work in an agile manner when the team isn’t co-located?
  • How do you organize large agile teams?
  • How do we improve our testing strategies?
  • How do we evolve from Scrum to DA?
  • How does DA support DevOps?
  • How do project managers/business analysts/quality professionals/… fit in?
Workshop Logistics
  • Level: Advanced
  • Length: One day – 7 hours of classroom time plus breaks.
  • Approach: A brief introductory lecture followed by participant-driven discussions.
  • Prerequisites: Attendees must have actual experience on at least one agile project and are familiar with agile software development concepts.
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