This is the governing body for certification in Disciplined Agile.

Welcome to the Disciplined Agile Consortium (DAC) Membership site

The Disciplined Agile Consortium is the governing body for certification in Disciplined Agile (DA). We offer training and certification services to those requesting to become certified instructors, coaches and partners.  We provide information on curriculum, certification, access to certified members, and resources to support Disciplined Agile activities.

The Disciplined Agile Manifesto

This Disciplined Agile Manifesto is an extension of the original Manifesto for Agile Software Development written in 2001 that reflects the philosophies behind Disciplined Agile (DA).

Our Values

We value:

Individuals and interactions over processes and tools

Consumable solutions over comprehensive documentation

Stakeholder collaboration over contract negotiation

Responding to change over following a plan

For a discussion of our thinking behind this manifesto, see Extending the Agile Manifesto.

Download The Disciplined Agile Manifesto

Download The Principles Behind the Disciplined Agile Manifesto

About Disciplined Agile (DA)

When we describe Disciplined Agile, we remind people that it is not another agile method as we clearly have enough of those already.  Rather, DA is a toolkit that enables better decision making when customizing approaches for adopting agile within the context of your organization and projects.  Popular agile methods can be quite prescriptive.  Sometimes their agile rules – work collocated in one room, use teams less than nine people, or don’t do fixed-price projects – are not practical.  Rather than discounting such projects as not agile, why not take a pragmatic approach to dealing with these realities while striving to still be as agile as possible?  Disciplined Agile provides the guidance that enables you to easily tailor, and later evolve, your agile approach to effectively address the context of the situation that you find yourself in.

For a quick introduction to Discipilne Agile watch Disciplined Agile in a Nutshell - An animated overview of Disciplined Agile (9 min).

About Certification in Disciplined Agile   

Certification in Disciplined Agile is valuable because it is earned. It helps practitioners increase knowledge, employability and career options. For organizations it is meaningful, forms the basis of measurable skills assessment, and is trustworthy. 

The Disciplined Agile Consortium was created by founding members Scott Ambler and Mark Lines in early 2013.  Since then, more than 600 workshops have been facilitated for more than 12,000 practitioners representing over 100 businesses.  Disciplined Agile is recognized as the most successfully adopted agile method. 

For information on having your teams increase their knowledge and advance skills by becoming Disciplined Agilists have them visit our free Resources.

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The Disciplined Agile consortium has a growing list of certified partners that offer training, coaching, and consulting services to help your organization benefit from Disciplined Agile.

There are several books on the market about Disciplined Agile - ensure you order yours written by the thought leaders:

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Choose Your WoW!
A Disciplined Agile Delivery Handbook
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A Small Agile Team's Journey from Scrum
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