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Jonathan Smart


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Certified Disciplined Agile Practitioner (CDAP)
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United Kingdom
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Partner, Enterprise Agility, Deloitte Digital

Currently with Deloitte Digital, Jon was previously leading on agile ways of working being the default approach to how we do what we do, across Barclays Group, with 140,000 colleagues. Our overall approach is based on Disciplined Agile. We believe it to be the largest agile transformation at this point in time. In the first year, we've gone from 4% to 40% of spend on change, being spent in an agile manner, with a holistic enterprise-wide approach (not just IT). This is approx. 750 teams working in an agile manner.
Jon has 20+ years experience of taking and leading an agile approach to change in Financial Services, starting out as a developer on the trading floor. Most recently Jon was leading Derivatives Technology which had a large regulatory book of work (Dodd Frank) which was delivered with agile practices. 

Jon is the founder of Communities of Practice across Barclays, with 32 CoPs and 10,000 colleagues as members.

Jon holds a first class honours degree in Computer Science. 

In a gap year prior to university, Jon worked as a COBOL programmer on mainframes in an ISO9001 environment, which was most definitely not agile. Prior to this, Jon is of the ZX81, ZX Spectrum, Commodore 64, Acorn Electron home computing generation, starting programming age 12.

Experience with DA:
We are basing our approach to agility at Barclays on DA. It is the bedrock of our Agile Change Lifecycle, our job roles and how teams approach agility. I view it as supporting second order scaling or scaling of scaling. SAFe and LeSS, have a lot of great learning and work extremely well in the contexts they are aimed at, however cannot scale across the board to this size and are not as enterprise-aware as DA. One-size-fits-all is rarely a correct approach, as practices depend on context. DA is a great pragmatic, goal based framework which allows empowered teams to work out the best way of working for themselves, with support. This includes areas adopting SAFe, LeSS, Scrum, XP Kanban within the enterprise-wide umbrella of DA.

Working on the trading floor in investment banking delivering business value with an agile approach since 1993, more formally since 2000. Delivery of trading systems and large regulatory books of work with agile practices and agile at scale. More recently leading enterprise-wide agile transformation at Barclays across the group with 4 key business lines and 140,000 employees.
Creator of Communities of Practice at Barclays, with 32 CoPs and 10,000 members at the time of writing.
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