Disciplined Agile Consortium has been around the world attending conferences and delivering workshops.

Disciplined Agile Workshop in Poznan, Poland conducted by Rod Bray!


Banff, Canada: Agile Open 2018, May 28-29 by Mark Lines and Klaus Boedker

Stowe, USA: WWDVC Conference 2018, May 17 by Scott W. Ambler

London, UK: The Psychology of Agile Scrum meetup, May 14 by Giles Lindsay

London, UK: Agile In The City, April 19 by Giles Lindsay

Säo Paulo, Brazil: Agile Trends 2018, March 29 by Adriano Tavares

Rome, Italy: Devops@Work 2018, March 23 by Felice Pescatore

London, UK: Global Agile Development & Innovation, March 15 by Scott W. Ambler


Dallas, USA: AgileCamp 2017 Dallas, December 1 by Scott W Ambler

Zurich, Switzerland: TWDI Schweiz 2017, November 20 by Raphael Branger

Moscow, Russia: DevOps Pro Moscow, November 16 by Felice Pescatore

Victoria, Canada: MeetUp Victoria, November 14 by Mark Lines and Brent Reed

Potsdam, Germany: Agile Testing Days, November 14 by Raphael Branger

Toronto, Canada: Toronto Agile Community, November 7 by Scott W Ambler

Auckland, New Zealand: Agile New Zealand 2017, November 6 by Aldo Rall

Silicon Valley, USA: AgileCamp Silicon Valley 2017, November 6 by Mark Lines

London, UK: Agile Expo, October 31 by Mark Lines

Istanbul, Turkey: Agile Turkey Summit 2017 by Scott W Ambler

Parma, Italy: DevOps Heroes 2017, October 20 by Felice Pescatore

Newark, USA: AgileCamp New York 2017, September 25 by Mark Lines and Scott W Ambler

London, UK: Continuous Delivery MeetUp, August 29 by Scott W Ambler

Orlando, USA: Agile Alliance Conference, August 9 by Mark Lines and Scott W Ambler

Orlando, USA: PMI Central Florida Chapter, August 8 by Scott W Ambler

Rome, Italy: DevOps Deep Dive, July 21 by Felice Piscatore

Toronto, Canada: PM Forum MeetUp, June 27 by Scott W Ambler

Romania, Bucharest: Agile Works Romania, June 15 by Valentin Tudor Mocanu

Edmonton, Canada: PMI NAC Conference, June 7 by Mark Lines

Stowe, USA: WWDVC Conference 2017, May 18 by Scott W Ambler

Victoria, Canada: Agile Open Canada, May 11-12 by Mark Lines

Omaha, USA: Omaha Agile Development, May 2 by Scott W Ambler 

Madrid, Spain: MeetUp Madrid, March 30 by Scott W Ambler

Bangalore, India: Discuss Agile Network 2017, March 7 by Scott W Ambler

New York City, USA: Business Agility Conference, February 23 by Scott W Ambler

Vancouver, Canada: Agile Vancouver, February 20 by Scott W Ambler

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