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Q3 2017

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An Executive's Guide to Disciplined Agile: Winning the Race to Business Agility

New Workshops:

Disciplined Agile for Managers

Product Owner: Enterprise Skills

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Certified Practitioners

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Certified Partners


Keeping up with DA:

When Does Traditional Software Development Make Sense? (June 2017)

Teal is the new Black (July 2017)

Introducing the Continuous Delivery: Agile Lifecycle(July 2017)



 Agile2017 : 7-11 August : Orlando, FL


England, London, DA105: Disciplined Agile In A Nutshell ~ Simon Powers • 20 Jul 2017

Italy, Rome: Reinvent Your Organization With Devops Disciplined And Management 3.0 ~ Felice Pescatore •  21 Jul 2017


Virtual: Online: Da105: Disciplined Agile In A Nutshell ~ Saket Bansal (English) • 02 & 03 Aug 2017

Ontario, Toronto, DA104: Introduction To Disciplined Agile Certification Prep Workshop ~ Scott W. Ambler • 21 Sep 2017

Turkey, Istanbul, Da105: Disciplined Agile In A Nutshell ~ Scott W Ambler (English) • 18 Oct 2017

Turkey, Istanbul: The Disciplined Agile Enterprise: A Pragmatic View Of Transformation Journey Your Organization Faces ~ Scott W Ambler • 19 Oct 2017

Finland, Helsinki, Da105: Disciplined Agile In A Nutshell ~ Scott W Ambler (English) • 23 Oct 2017

Finland, Helsinki, Da211: Disciplined Agile Data Warehousing (Dw)/Business Intelligence (Bi) Workshop ~ Scott W. Ambler (English) • 24 Oct 2017

UK, London, Disciplined Devops: Pragmatic Strategies For The Enterprise ~ Mark Lines • 31 Oct 2017

England, London, DA105: Disciplined Agile In A Nutshell ~ Mark Lines • 01 Nov 2017

England, London, DA201: Product Owner: Enterprise Skills Workshop ~ Mark Lines • 02 Nov 2017

Ontario,Toronto: Toronto Agile 2017 Conference ~ Scott Ambler • 7 Nov 2017

Russia, Moscow: Devops Deep Dive ~ Felice Pescatore • Nov 2017


Complimentary WEBINARS:

19 September

24 October

21 November

Details of these webinars will be available once registration opens


Recorded WEBINAR by Danial Gagnon, CDAC/CDAI: The Agile Project Manager- Fact or Fiction? 

Slideshare Enhancing clean architecture: 2 n-dimensional layers from Bucharest Romania Agile Talks ~ Valentin Tudor Mocanu

Case Study Panera Bread

Available Now

Italian Translation: 

"Introduzione a Disciplined Agile Delivery: Un viaggio Agile da Scrum alla Continuous Delivery"

Coming Soon

An Executive's Guide to Disciplined Agile: Winning the Race to Business Agility(Ambler & Lines, 2017)

An Executive's Guide to Disciplined Agile

Winning the Race to Business Agility

The agile community has figured out how to build and then continually improve very high-performance software development teams. This is akin to creating a race car engine and then evolving it to get more power, better fuel efficiency, and greater speed. Sadly, in many cases we take these great engines, put them into an organizational tractor, and then complain that we’re not winning the race. What we need to do is take our great race car engines (our development teams), put them into a race car (a DevOps ecosystem), have a great pit crew and driver (an effective IT organization), and then provide somewhere to race (an organization that can leverage IT to make money). That’s what this book is all about – moving from optimizing team performance to optimizing the entire enterprise.

Business agility – being an adaptive, lean, responsive, and learning organization – is the race that enterprises need to win today. Yet there is no quick fix, no silver bullet, to attain business agility. This is a multi-year journey requiring hard work, experimentation, and most importantly a willingness to improve. 

The Disciplined Agile framework lowers risks and provides a path to accelerate your journey to business agility.  The framework is unique in that it is the only one that puts all the pieces together into a cohesive enterprise roadmap for business agility transformation.

This book begins with an overview of the challenges and opportunities that organizations face.  We then describe seven principles that provide the underpinnings of the Disciplined Agile framework. Then the book works through Disciplined Agile Delivery (how to build a world-class engine), Disciplined DevOps (the race car), Disciplined Agile IT (the race car and its team), and what it means to be a Disciplined Agile Enterprise (the racing business).  The book ends with a plan for starting with an Agile transformation and then evolving into a long-term continuous improvement strategy.

Do you have the discipline it takes to win the race to business agility?

... Coming Fall 2017


DA106:  Disciplined Agile for Managers

What is the role of an manager in an organization that is transforming itself to take advantage of agile and lean approaches to delivering IT solutions?  Management is a discipline and it is just as critical in an agile organization as it is in a traditional one.  However, the approach to "managing" is quite different.

This workshop focuses on how to to be effective as a people (or functional) manager in an agile world.  The content covers agile leadership approaches from Disciplined Agile, Management 3.0, Daniel Pink, Lyssa Adkins, Menlo Innovations, and others. Many exercises and agile games are built into the workshop.

The workshop takes a deep dive into Disciplined Agile's People Management process blade to understand the various strategies available to you and which ones to adopt based on your organization and teams' context.

DA 201: Product Owner: Enterprise Skills Workshop

This one day workshop teaches participants how to maximize the effectiveness of business working with IT to fulfill the agile promise of early and frequent delivery of value to your customers and other stakeholders. The Disciplined Agile (DA) framework extends the Product Owner role as described in Scrum to focus on other factors critical to the success of sophisticated and large agile projects. This workshop helps Product Owners understand the breadth of their responsibilities and how to work with delivery team and other stakeholders in order to deliver successful product using the DA framework. 

We recognize our newest Practitioners, and appreciate the work involved in earning this designation:

Prakash Rananavare, HSBC Software Development, India

Shweta Chawla, Barclays

Anne Carreon, MCAP

Felice Pescatore, translator for the Italian version of Introduction to Disciplined Agile Delivery (2015)

Romulus Dias, Barclays

Carolyn Aulicino, Franklin Templeton Investments

Spotlight on Certified Partners:


Certified since February 2015, IndigoCube helps organizations to improve that quality of their software.  It does this by enabling and improving the agility, productivity and security of the application life cycle.  It specializes in agile transformations, business analysis, software testing and application security.  The application of best practices and the development of requisite skills is core to all its solutions and it partners with some of the world’s leading vendors.

IndigoCube is ideally positioned to boost productivity and long-term return on investment in its focus areas.   @IndigoCube

Contact Ziaan for your training and coaching needs.

The Italian Translation

The Italian translation of our book is a collaboration with Felice Pescatore and Alessandro Alpi.  We thank Felice and Alessandro for their patience and time in getting this version to market, and continuing to engage with Disciplined Agile.


Keeping up with DA:

When Does Traditional Software Development Make Sense?

We’re often asked by our customers when it makes sense for a team to take a traditional approach to software development. Sometimes people are honestly trying to identify when each potential lifecycle, including the traditional lifecycle, makes sense to follow. In many cases this request is coming from people who are desperate to continue working in the same old way that they’re comfortable with. They often hope that the context of the situation that they’re in puts them in a position where they don’t need to adopt new ways of working. Some people get “lucky”, although how lucky it is to forgo an opportunity to gain new skills that are currently in demand is questionable at best, but most find that they need to join their colleagues in adopting agile.  Read More ...

Teal is the New Black

Just as your process must be flexible and adaptive, so must your organization. In Reinventing Organizations Frederick Laloux works through the history, and arguably a maturity model, for organizational design. The premise, which is overviewed in the diagram below (you can click on it for a high-res version), is that over time we’re seeing organizations evolve from tribal and often violent structures (Red) through more formalized hierarchical structures (Amber/Orange) to agile approaches (Green/Teal). Today the vast majority of organizations, believed to be 80-90%, are somewhere on the Amber through Green scale.  Read More ...

Introducing the Continuous Delivery: Agile Lifecycle

This lifecycle is a natural progression from the Agile/Basic lifecycle. Teams typically evolve to this lifecycle from the Agile/Basic lifecycle, often adopting iteration lengths of one-week or less. The key difference between this and the Agile lifecycle is that the continuous delivery lifecycle results in a release of new functionality at the end of each iteration rather than after a set of iterations. Teams require a mature set of practices around continuous integration and continuous deployment and other Disciplined DevOps strategies. This lifecycle is suitable when:   Read More ...

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