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The Disciplined Agile Enterprise (DAE)

Disciplined Agile EnterpriseA Disciplined Agile Enterprise (DAE) is able to sense and respond swiftly to changes in the marketplace.  It does this through an organizational culture and structure that facilitates change within the context of the situation that it faces.  Such organizations require a learning mindset in the mainstream business and underlying lean and agile processes to drive innovation. A DAE encompasses the Value Streams layer, which in turn encompasses Disciplined DevOps.

This content is organized into the following categories: 

  1. Getting Started with Disciplined Agile Enterprise (DAE)
  2. Learn More About Disciplined Agile Enterprise (DAE)
  3. Your Disciplined Agile Learning Journey
  4. Disciplined Agile Certification

Getting Started with DAE

The best way to get started learning about DAE is to read our article, The Disciplined Agile Enterprise (DAE).

Learn More About DAE

The following processes blades are pertinent to DAE:
The following resources should also prove of interest:

Your Disciplined Agile Learning Journey

We offer several resource pages to support your DA learning journey:

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