Desjardins NeXT Delivery Approach

New Enterprise in Expansion and Transformation (NeXT)

Case Study  February 22, 2018

About Desjardins use of DAD

  • This case study details results of implementing Disciplined Agile Delivery (DAD) at Desjardins, a large Canadian financial institution.
  • Desjardins NeXT program, which is based on DAD, provides a tailored fit with their overall process efforts.
  • To move past Scrum limitations, Desjardins adopted key DAD processes including Iteration and Daily Coordination Meeting.
  • The flexibility of Disciplined Agile allowed Desjardins NeXT Program to run multiple deliveries and modified DAD’s Inception phase to be a two-phase effort closer to the traditional Requirements and Architecture phases.
  • Nonetheless, for the new platform that they will build with their partner EIS Group, the delivery approach envisages an Initial Vision Architecture that will be proven in the early Construction phase iterations.

Read the Desjardins Case Study

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