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IIL’s commitment to improving performance with Intelligence, Integrity and Innovation has made us a trusted training provider to thousands of people, teams, and organizations in 150 countries around the world. 

Our core competencies include Agile (Scrum) and Lean, Project, Program and Portfolio Management, Leadership and Interpersonal Skills, Business Analysis, Microsoft® Project, Lean Six Sigma, PRINCE2®, ITIL®, DevOps, Corporate Consciousness and Sustainability. We also go beyond training, consulting and customized course development: IIL Media, a division of IIL, provides full-service video production, and IIL Printing, a division of IIL, delivers sustainable printing and binding.

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Pragsix is an organization of top of the line agile coaches and trainers from around the world for whom business value creation, Agile & Lean aren’t secrets anymore. Our team of elite experienced Disciplined Agile Instructors will be able to support you in your agile & digital transformation as well as in the development of your specific skills and your professional certification journey.

Notre principalement mission consiste à propulser les organisations dans leur transformation digitale et Agile.  Nous vous accompagnons de manière pragmatique afin de vous permettre d’être les maîtres d’œuvre de votre parcours d’agilité d’entreprise. Nous vous aiderons à prendre conscience de votre contexte organisationnel tout en regardant ensemble les choix qui s’offrent à vous.

Why try to define or blindly follow an Agile framework or recipe when we must optimize our flow and have a corporate conscience in order to choose the strategies and practices that will allow us to delight our customers?

Focussons donc ensemble sur le travail d’équipe en leur permettant de choisir leurs propres façons de travailler tout en devenant une équipe extraordinaire.

Based in Québec, we provide agile assessment, training and coaching services globally in English, français, espagñol.

We are the Lightning: Be the Thunder!

Project Management Academy is the most trusted name in project management training. We seek to be a trusted guide on the journey each project manager takes to grow in their skills and career and on the journey each company takes to gain the right talent to successfully execute its initiatives in today’s innovative and competitive business environment. 

Whether you need a certificate or are looking to develop business skills we have a program to meet your needs. We invest more in the quality of our programs and offer more training resources than any other provider. Our programs are led by top instructors using the best materials. We guarantee all courses will run on the dates listed and we guarantee our students will earn the respective credential, or their money back. We have 8 years of experience teaching Agile training courses and are a premier partner for PMI’s Disciplined Agile certification. 



ProThoughts is an exclusive one-stop collaboration platform for project management aspirants, practitioners and experts. We are popular in India and globally for our learning services where we do new-age project management workshops through our different modes of learning and with our “Interactive Game-based methodology” . We offer all the modes of learning – Classroom, Virtual(Online), On-Demand (Self-paced Learning) and Corporate learning for our customers. Besides learning services, we offer various products for corporates including Consulting services, Bookstore (e-Commerce) and rich content of project management (

We are one of the only few in India, who have the maximum CDAIs (Certified Disciplined Agile Instructor). Our world class instructors are known for their interactive, engaging and playful workshops, and have more than 70+ years of experience among themselves.

Prothoughts is closely collaborating with PMI actively to build Disciplined Agile as a preferred toolkit for Agile implementations, as we believe that it stands out among the others. ProThoughts is focussed on Disciplined Agile and offers supplementary material & accessories  to take the Disciplined Agile journey.




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We help companies Up their Digital Game! UpLyft Global fosters the culture of engagement, collaboration and continuous learning at all levels of the organization from development teams to portfolio management and leadership by leveraging the benefits of Agile and Lean principles. Our business agility solutions combine efficient workflows, adaptive workforce and workplace to deliver innovative digital transformation to your organization. With our customer-centric solution approach we bridge the gap between process and technology, and focus on the people who execute to deliver customer value in a highly-adaptive fashion. UpLyft Global  offers both private and public courses to help teams build strong foundational knowledge and grow towards mastery on Agile, Value Streams, SAFe and Scrum topics. Our certified trainers are industry-recognized experts with many years of experience training beginners to become agile professionals.

UpLyft Global leverages the 20+ year history where we have built up a wealth of experience in building organizational capability and have helped some of the world’s best-known brands to grow their culture and capabilities to be more adaptive, responsive and future-ready.

Let’s help you Up Your Game! Your Business Agility partner of choice.

Visit us at | An Initiative of AAUSCO LLC.



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Tactec Strategic Solutions Inc., working with clients in the UK and Canada, provides a disciplined agile and devops process framework as core in all our client’s engagements.  We are a team of experienced senior business, data, security and technical architects who through coaching, mentoring, training and hands-on services provide a value, focus and velocity approach to enterprise devops and continuous improvement.  Our clients and work has taken us to over a dozen countries across the globe with businesses as large as 400k employees and support for millions of customers.

Please contact us for a free “agile maturity pre-assessment” or any queries you may have on agile transformation, and disciplined agile strategies that work.

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At Umanix we believe that the human should be the vortex of any transformation and that Agile is the natural way to achieve this. This is why, we are committed to help people and organizations to find their human way of doing things so they can achieve their goals.

Organizations are driven by humans, and by making humans thrive, the organizations will naturally follow. We do not see Agile just as a framework, we see it as a way of being, a way of living supported by all those interesting tools and practices. 

Our social responsibility is to spread the word about agility in a more human, empiric and pragmatic way. 

We believe that—One size fits none.

We speak human language and yes, also English, français, y español.



Partnering with us since 2015, IndigoCube has facilitated 375+ days of training, bringing DA to more than 2,000 IT and Business professionals, with more than 80% of those professionals earning a Disciplined Agile designation.

IndigoCube helps organizations to improve that quality of their software.  It does this by enabling and improving the agility, productivity and security of the application life cycle.  It specializes in agile transformations, business analysis, software testing and application security.  The application of best practices and the development of requisite skills is core to all its solutions and it partners with some of the world’s leading vendors.

IndigoCube is ideally positioned to boost productivity and long-term return on investment in its focus areas.



iZenBridge is a leading professional education and consulting organization. iZenBridge has been associated with Disciplined Agile since June 2015, and have been conducting classroom and online programs on Disciplined Agile. 

iZenBridge is committed to the mission of enabling growth for clients. iZenBridge does that by running education and consulting programs on new-age management frameworks.

iZenBridge is founded by Saket Bansal who is a leading online educator.

Certified as a Practitioner since 2015, founder of SKTekki, Rajshekhar provides Lean-Kanban-Agile Transformation coaching for the enterprise.

Rajshekhar is an experienced Lean-Kanban-Agile transformation consultant, coach and trainer. Rajshekhar has 16+ years IT experience, with significant experience in Lean-Kanban-Agile implementation in the domains of software, construction, operations, marketing, supply-chain and manufacturing. He is an acknowledged industry expert in Systems Thinking. As part of his consulting, coaching and training practice, Rajshekhar has traveled to Australia, South-Africa, Philippines, Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, The Netherlands, Switzerland and major cities in India.



ACE has been in the business of delivery excellence transforming results for organisations, especially for software delivery units. ACE consultants are completely

hands-on and have delivered large, complex, global projects for fortune-5 companies and have imparted insights thus gained to hundreds of students. 

ACE specialises in Disciplined Agile and one of the early firms to become a DA partner. ACE consultants have been working with agile methods right from the ‘90s

even before the declaration of agile manifesto. It should be noted here that agile methods were in practice before the agile manifesto and it is because several people

were using agile methods, that these thought streams culminated into agile manifesto. We have applied XP and Kanban in different names to very significant, high-profile

projects and ensured successful project delivery. We have trained several participants in Scrum and now bring all this together under the Disciplined Agile umbrella.




Mob: (91) 99002 49348

One Tikk Consultants Private Limited is a leading consulting and training firm in the area of business consulting and project management. We transform organisations to become more effective to handle their customers through mentoring, coaching and training. With consultants having more than 20 years of international experience, One Tikk have proven expertise in successful implementing various Project management methodologies like Traditional, Agile and Lean.

OneTikk’s portfolio of services includes Strategic business consulting, Business Process Re-engineering and Application development with cutting edge technologies. Our services are designed to transform the client’s strategy to more customer centric and employee amiable to deliver business solutions that provide measurable results.

Therefore, we can help your organization with:

  • Disciplined Agile Training (certified as PMI Disciplined Agile Instructor)
  • Enterprise Agile Coaching
  • Coaching / mentoring CXOs
  • Enterprise Transform consulting
  • Expertise in Portfolio and Project Management (agile and traditional)
  • Strategic advising
  • Start-up Mentoring and Consulting

We’re investing in new technologies, talented people and innovation so we can help create a better tomorrow. Please contact us, it will be our pleasure to help you!



    Kavitha Somasekharan, 

    Director, One Tikk Consultants Private Limited 

    Division Office Road, PMG Junction

    Trivandrum, Kerala, India 695030 


    enxcl is a consulting and training organisation founded with the aim of enhancing excellence of IT organisations, professionals, and aspirants. We have the consortium of world-class talents having rich technical, process and management expertise, in major industry segments, that catalyses organization’s journey – be a start-up, scale-up or corporate. Our deeper understanding of the IT industry, coupled with world-class curriculum, enables us to impart innovative, insightful, and industry-relevant training programs.

    Our experienced consultants have performed multiple senior roles with Big4s and leading IT solution providers in multiple domains across geography.  We have industry proven expertise in management consulting (traditional and Agile), technology and process excellence. We have played various leadership roles with Project Management Institute (PMI), and were keynote speakers and panellists at various Project Management and Agile conferences.

    We were instrumental in building Agile competency at enterprise level and leading the organisational transformation from traditional to Agile, rolling out Agile mode of delivery for global infrastructure programs and recalibrating the PMO services at a global scale. Our core expertise also lies in defining and optimizing the engagement model between business and IT for efficient delivery using Agile.

    Looking forward to sharing knowledge of the new contextual Agile tool kit, Disciplined Agile. Please reach out to us for the exciting DA journey.



    tel: + 91 90740 01281