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IIL’s commitment to improving performance with Intelligence, Integrity and Innovation has made us a trusted training provider to thousands of people, teams, and organizations in 150 countries around the world. 

Our core competencies include Agile (Scrum) and Lean, Project, Program and Portfolio Management, Leadership and Interpersonal Skills, Business Analysis, Microsoft® Project, Lean Six Sigma, PRINCE2®, ITIL®, DevOps, Corporate Consciousness and Sustainability. We also go beyond training, consulting and customized course development: IIL Media, a division of IIL, provides full-service video production, and IIL Printing, a division of IIL, delivers sustainable printing and binding.

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Pragsix is an organization of top of the line agile coaches and trainers from around the world for whom business value creation, Agile & Lean aren’t secrets anymore. Our team of elite experienced Disciplined Agile Instructors will be able to support you in your agile & digital transformation as well as in the development of your specific skills and your professional certification journey.

Notre principalement mission consiste à propulser les organisations dans leur transformation digitale et Agile.  Nous vous accompagnons de manière pragmatique afin de vous permettre d’être les maîtres d’œuvre de votre parcours d’agilité d’entreprise. Nous vous aiderons à prendre conscience de votre contexte organisationnel tout en regardant ensemble les choix qui s’offrent à vous.

Why try to define or blindly follow an Agile framework or recipe when we must optimize our flow and have a corporate conscience in order to choose the strategies and practices that will allow us to delight our customers?

Focussons donc ensemble sur le travail d’équipe en leur permettant de choisir leurs propres façons de travailler tout en devenant une équipe extraordinaire.

Based in Québec, we provide agile assessment, training and coaching services globally in English, français, espagñol.

We are the Lightning: Be the Thunder!

Project Management Academy is the most trusted name in project management training. We seek to be a trusted guide on the journey each project manager takes to grow in their skills and career and on the journey each company takes to gain the right talent to successfully execute its initiatives in today’s innovative and competitive business environment. 

Whether you need a certificate or are looking to develop business skills we have a program to meet your needs. We invest more in the quality of our programs and offer more training resources than any other provider. Our programs are led by top instructors using the best materials. We guarantee all courses will run on the dates listed and we guarantee our students will earn the respective credential, or their money back. We have 8 years of experience teaching Agile training courses and are a premier partner for PMI’s Disciplined Agile certification. 




Tactec Strategic Solutions Inc., working with clients in the UK and Canada, provides a disciplined agile and devops process framework as core in all our client’s engagements.  We are a team of experienced senior business, data, security and technical architects who through coaching, mentoring, training and hands-on services provide a value, focus and velocity approach to enterprise devops and continuous improvement.  Our clients and work has taken us to over a dozen countries across the globe with businesses as large as 400k employees and support for millions of customers.

Please contact us for a free “agile maturity pre-assessment” or any queries you may have on agile transformation, and disciplined agile strategies that work.

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Toll free: 1 877 201 2419


At Umanix we believe that the human should be the vortex of any transformation and that Agile is the natural way to achieve this. This is why, we are committed to help people and organizations to find their human way of doing things so they can achieve their goals.

Organizations are driven by humans, and by making humans thrive, the organizations will naturally follow. We do not see Agile just as a framework, we see it as a way of being, a way of living supported by all those interesting tools and practices. 

Our social responsibility is to spread the word about agility in a more human, empiric and pragmatic way. 

We believe that—One size fits none.

We speak human language and yes, also English, français, y español.



Partnering with us since 2015, IndigoCube has facilitated 375+ days of training, bringing DA to more than 2,000 IT and Business professionals, with more than 80% of those professionals earning a Disciplined Agile designation.

IndigoCube helps organizations to improve that quality of their software.  It does this by enabling and improving the agility, productivity and security of the application life cycle.  It specializes in agile transformations, business analysis, software testing and application security.  The application of best practices and the development of requisite skills is core to all its solutions and it partners with some of the world’s leading vendors.

IndigoCube is ideally positioned to boost productivity and long-term return on investment in its focus areas.



iZenBridge is a leading professional education and consulting organization. iZenBridge has been associated with Disciplined Agile since June 2015, and have been conducting classroom and online programs on Disciplined Agile. 

iZenBridge is committed to the mission of enabling growth for clients. iZenBridge does that by running education and consulting programs on new-age management frameworks.

iZenBridge is founded by Saket Bansal who is a leading online educator.

Certified as a Practitioner since 2015, founder of SKTekki, Rajshekhar provides Lean-Kanban-Agile Transformation coaching for the enterprise.

Rajshekhar is an experienced Lean-Kanban-Agile transformation consultant, coach and trainer. Rajshekhar has 16+ years IT experience, with significant experience in Lean-Kanban-Agile implementation in the domains of software, construction, operations, marketing, supply-chain and manufacturing. He is an acknowledged industry expert in Systems Thinking. As part of his consulting, coaching and training practice, Rajshekhar has traveled to Australia, South-Africa, Philippines, Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, The Netherlands, Switzerland and major cities in India.




BPR Stratégie Conseils helps organizations to become more efficient through coaching, mentoring and training. With more than 20 years of varied experience, we have knowledge and proven experience about agile, lean, project and portfolio management, change management and information technology (various fields).

Therefore, we can help your organization with:

- Enterprise Agile Coaching
- Agile Training (certified as PMI Disciplined Agile Instructor)
- Coaching / mentoring for leaders and team members
- Expertise in Portfolio and Project Management (agile and traditional)
- Strategic advising

Please contact us, it will be our pleasure to help you!



With our dedication to sharing knowledge, ClubAgile has educated and inspired countless people inside and outside the classroom and helped organizations in Lean-Agile transformations. We pride ourselves on our level of teaching, as well as our coaching and consulting. We ensure our interaction and understanding with our students and clients are meaningful and engaging one. 

We specialize in training and coaching a bureaucratic organization that has a top-down hierarchy with multiple layers and divisions to an Agile organization that encourages innovation and delivers customer value through small self-organized teams, collaboration and interactive network.

Get in touch to find out how successful Lean-Agile transformation happens bottom-up with top-down support using DA Toolkit.



Lean Into Agile Consulting is the leader in Disciplined Agile Coaching and Training on the Canadian Prairies.  We have a strong desire to foster community, learning and the agile mindset in the organizations as well as the broader local agile community.  Our coach has experience with adult learning, lean and agile as well as dedication to continuous learning which will provide your organization world-class treatment and support through its agile journey.

Connect with me to discuss your  organizational outcomes and training needs.  Lean Into Agile can show you how guided continuous improvement and adoption of the Agile values and principles along with support from the DA Toolkit can help evolve your organization to achieve its outcomes.

+001 306 501 4755

Levio aide les organisations à transformer leurs idées et leurs objectifs en réalité. Qu'il s'agisse de participer à la réalisation d'un projet existant ou de mettre en œuvre un programme de modernisation numérique à grande échelle, nous avons une approche éprouvée et efficace permettant de rencontrer les objectifs prévus et d'en tirer les bénéfices escomptés.  Notre objectif est d'aider nos clients à surmonter les défis liés à l'exécution et à la gestion de leurs priorités stratégiques.

Nous accompagnons nos clients à toutes les étapes de leur transformation numérique, de la définition d'objectifs clairs à l'exécution d'une stratégie pragmatique et réaliste et l'établissement de processus opérationnels clairs. Nous veillons à créer une vision, à maintenir une forte mobilisation et à renforcer le sens de l'initiative en communiquant clairement, simplement et fréquemment. Cette approche permet aux équipes de projet de prendre rapidement les bonnes décisions, de gérer les risques et d'agir efficacement.

    Québec: 418 914-3623

    Montréal: 514 600-5010

    Toronto: 647 694-9288

    Scrum Masters Incorporated understands how frustrating and time consuming it can be to increase the knowledge and skill of your team so that they migrate your organization to Agile/Lean.  This complexity is increased by pockets of existing Agile/Lean not speaking a common language, concerns about redesigning the PMO and worries about how to spread the benefits of Agile from IT to other departments including Finance, Marketing, HR and Operations.

    Scrum Masters Inc have partnered with the Disciplined Agile Consortium to help you adopt and grow Agile/Lean across the entire enterprise.  Our proven methodology includes training, coaching and consulting to equip your staff with the Disciplined Agile enterprise agile mastery knowledgebase, so you get the most from this amazing tool and become self-sufficient as quickly as possible.


    Tel: 905-630-2266

    Solvera Solutions is a leader in the delivery of innovative IT solutions to the western Canadian market, helping our clients leverage the power of technology to achieve transformational growth. 

    Solvera’s portfolio of services includes Strategic Consulting, and Application, SAP and ServiceNow Solutions.  Our services are designed to help clients clearly articulate strategy and plans and then execute on these plans to deliver business solutions that provide measurable benefits. We pride ourselves on our client relationships and outstanding people, and enjoy a stellar reputation as one of Canada’s Best Small and Medium Employers and a Platinum Level appointment to Canada’s Best Managed Companies.


    Tel: 1-306-757-3510


    Sri Chakra Technologies is a Boutique consultancy organization with prime focus on managing various programs and projects within Canada.  As a Small business Organization, managing the entity for the past 10+ years both in Consultancy and Project Management Training helping students in preparing PMI-ACP, Agile Project Delivery, Agile Transformation Journey.  We have been engaged recently in conducting classes in the area of Disciplined Agile, DALSM.

    The main mission of Sri Chakra Technologies is to ensure the participants learning needs are achieved successfully and closely preparing them for a great success by becoming a future Agile Project Leaders. 

    In addition, Sri Chakra Technologies help the participants are prepared and ready with diverse experience in program delivery management, integration, and enterprise applications implementation. 

    Services Offered: 

    Project Management Consultancy    

    PMI-ACP© Preparation, Scrum Master, Agile Project Delivery


    Tel: 1-416-930-2870

    Certified Instructor: Sridhar Kethandapatti

    World Class Productivity has been helping companies in North America improve their project outcomes since 1995 through a full range of training and consulting services.

    We deliver highly interactive agile and traditional project management courses incorporating the best in adult learning principles to corporate clients, and publicly, through partnerships with the Canadian Management Centre and the University of Waterloo’s Professional Development Centre. Our facilitators have spent decades in hands-on delivery and leadership roles which enables them to inject significant practical experience into their content delivery.

    If you are serious about improving your delivery capabilities, we are here to help you!

     Paul Bergman, PMP 

    +001 905 660 7184  ext. 101

    +001 800 214 8096  ext. 101

    WCP is a PMI Registered Education Provider (R.E.P.)


    The experts for project success.

    Located at the heart of Europe at the country triangle Germany-Luxemburg-France, the ALVISSION trainer and coaches delight customers in Germany and other European countries.

    The ALVISSION team offers Training, Coaching and PMO Consulting since 2018 with a unique portfolio for their customers project success.

    The ALVISSION team has received German and international awards for its innovative social for goods projects and new virtual reality live training formats.

    The German customer’s choice “ProvenExpert” voted the ALVISSION training performance as excellent.

    ALVISSION founder and master trainer Frank Tassone, with his more than 20 years of agile projects and training experience, is member of the first international Disciplined Agile Master Class Atlanta 2019.

    He is the first Certified Disciplined Agile Instructor & Coach in Germany and the third in Europe.

    As a long-time PMI Frankfurt board member, university lecturer and international speaker his motto is "Improve the world with Project Management"!

    ALVISSION’s agile trainer team delivers different agile and hybrid training formats, workshops and coaching services.

     + 49 (0)681-4109648-0

    Certified since 2014, and a member of the Disciplined Agile Advisory Council, Valentin is an early adopter and champion of Disciplined Agile.  Valentin is highly recommended by the Consortium for DA training and coaching.

    Very active in the Agile world, Valentin provides valuable feedback to DA initiatives, essentializing DA, and valuable experience implementing Disciplined Agile Delivery.

    Our goal is to help teams and organizations to improve their software economics by enhancing their agility and adaptability to the context. The improvements need to be steady and effective on short, medium and long term.  Topics: quick start with Agile, develop Agile capability (team, process, products), adopting Disciplined Agile, collaborative work, scaling aspects, mentoring, Agile Design and Agile Products, design for quality, addressing Technical Debt, pragmatic governance.

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     Valentin-Tudor Mocanu


    Ser la empresa líder de capacitación y consultoría para empresas modernas en el contexto de una transformación digital ágil.

    Ser una empresa importante en la implementación adecuada de los conocimientos de negocio y tecnologías de información para afrontar el reto de la transformación digital de las organizaciones considerando la velocidad de los mercados y la competencia.

    Consultor en Transformación Digital

    A JUMP é um parceiro de treinamento autorizado pelo PMI, estamos comprometidos em fornecer os treinamentos mais atualizados para as certificações em Disciplined Agile. Queremos ajudar as organizações a crescer e evoluir para um negócio enxuto, ágil e incrível, onde seus clientes fiquem encantados.

    JUMP is a training partner authorized by PMI, we are committed to providing the most up-to-date training for Disciplined Agile certifications. We want to help organizations grow and evolve into a lean, agile and awesome business, where their customers are delighted. Founded by Adriano Tavares, originally certified as a DA Coach & Instructor, with us since 2013, he was one of the translators for Introduction to Disciplined Agile Delivery.

    Based in Brazil, Adriano has broad and deep experience implementing Disciplined Agile under his specialty with Software Architecture.


    Making Strategy Work


    We are Proyectum, a multinational organization committed to make their clients’ strategy work.  Through Lean/Agile Transformation initiatives and innovative as well as proven project management practices we aim to maximize customer value. We develop people oriented business solutions supporting our clients objectives.

    We strongly believe in collaboration, we strive to achieve high levels of excellence by developing a personal connection with our customers and strong work ethics as pillars for the continuous delivery of value.

    We bring together a multidisciplinary team of professionals with a common DNA: passion to develop and improve the practices and skills of the organizations we serve.


    Somos Proyectum, una organización multinacional comprometida a hacer realidad la estrategia de nuestros clientes. A través de transformaciones Lean/Ágil, y con prácticas de gestión de proyectos probadas e innovadoras buscamos maximizar la creación de valor al usuario. Desarrollamos soluciones de negocio orientadas en la gente para lograr los objetivos de nuestros clientes.

    Creemos firmemente en la colaboración, nos esforzamos por alcanzar altos niveles de excelencia mediante el desarrollo de una conexión personal con nuestros cliente y una fuerte ética de trabajo como pilares para la entrega continua de valor.

    Integramos un equipo multidisciplinario de profesionales con un ADN común: la pasión por desarrollar y mejorar las prácticas y habilidades de las organizaciones a las que servimos.

    Contact / Contacto


    Our name means deliberate renewal. We are a collective of highly skilled professionals. We are passionate about inspiring and cultivating professionalism and sustainable high performance. 

    Novavi was founded by:

    Aldo Rall gained his first DA certification in 2015, and served with the DA Advisory Council. He spends his time coaching organisations and teaching people about agile and lean ways of work.

    Horia Slușanschi has volunteered with PMI for almost a decade, and served with the team that authored the PMI Agile Practice Guide. He is passionate about nurturing customer delight through joyful work.

    Gareth Holebrook is a seasoned technology product development professional. He coaches teams using agile & lean ways of work. He develops ‘systems thinking’-inspired approaches to organisational design.

    While we are located and serve primarily customers in the Asia-Pacific region, we also have a regional partnership with another DA partner, Process Mentors ( for customers in the Americas.


    Blue Summit Consulting Group, LLC is a Service-Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business (SDVOSB) headquartered in Augusta, GA. Our goal is to make an immediate, positive impact on operational performance with an eye toward developing the foundation for long-term sustainable growth.

    Our specialty is connecting knowledge with the ability and confidence to implement pragmatic management strategies to achieve true business agility and develop strong, sustainable competitive advantages in the marketplace.

    Our PMI-certified instructors have decades of experience in operations and project/program management utilizing a wide-variety of methodologies to provide high quality training and coaching services in change management and project management with a Lean/Agile mindset. 

    The training advantage with Blue Summit is that we utilize learning tools and techniques that have been proven through decades of research to maximize the learning experience. All students will learn how to customize their management strategies using current or past projects they have experienced, so that they will walk away with the skills, tools, and confidence to apply all new knowledge immediately.

    Contact us today to schedule courses for your teams and achieve new heights with Blue Summit!

    +001 706 383-9559

    Dovetail Agile Partners, LLC

    Partners in Disciplined Agile Adoptions

    Experts in Guided Continuous Improvement

    With hands-on experience leading multiple software development and DevOps teams certified in Disciplined Agile since 2015, I have driven many successful DA adoptions and transformations at a variety of international ETRM Software companies.

    I am recognized for my unique abilities to develop top talent and cultivate high-performance teams that continuously exceed expectations. I offer DA talks and Certification Workshops in a multitude of DA topics areas. I am available to conduct Business Agility Assessments for organizations that are interested in moving toward Enterprise Agility using DA.

    +001 917 796 4959

    At Franklin Templeton Investments, we have one focus: delivering better client outcomes. To that end, we leverage what we believe to be our core strengths, including our unwavering Investment Excellence and Rigor, Global Scale and Local Insights, and the Strength and Experience of our firm. What makes us different? We offer our clients a valuable perspective, shaped by over 60 years of experience and defined by our unique approach to investment expertise and our growing global reach.


    For enterprise leaders who know business agility is a matter of survival and the gateway to thriving, and the engineers and technical professionals whose careers are dedicated to delivering the products, projects and processes required to achieve business agility, GR8PM (pronounced “Great PM”) is an unparalleled source of thought leadership and research-driven high-impact consulting, coaching and training services and content. Everything we do is designed to shorten the learning curve and maximize the probability of successful outcomes for you!

    Unlike many other providers, GR8PM specializes exclusively in serving leaders, engineers and technical professionals by distilling emerging trends and world-class research into practical, accessible content that is information-dense and insight-rich. If you are part of that intense, intelligent, important community, we are here to work with you, and for you, to achieve your goals!

    GR8PM is led by John G. Stenbeck, PMP, CDAI, PMI-ACP, CSM, CSP, of Founder, who is a three-time Amazon #1 Best Selling author, with deep expertise in Disciplined Agile (DA), Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe®), Scrum at Scale (S@S), Large Scale Scrum (LeSS), Kanban and DevOps as well as Traditional project management and A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge, (PMBOK® Guide) - Sixth Edition (Project Management Institute, Inc., copyright 2017).

    John and GR8PM have collaborated with the best and brightest minds working with Agile in the real world environment of organizations, benefitting from the magnanimous and generous involvement of Jeff Sutherland, Scott Ambler, Bas Vodde, and SAFe® co-founder Drew Jemilo and Inbar Oren in bringing the highly acclaimed Agile Almanac to readers around the world. We really are that committed to your success!



    Guerrilla Project Management is a sole proprietorship based in the United States.  Andy Burns is the principle who serves private clients only, on a very limited basis.  Burns is a product development practitioner scaling agile with a group of 2,000 Engineers delivering PLM Software with Business Agility, Scaled Agile, and Dev Ops.  Burns teaches the Disciplined Agile Lean Scrum Master suite of courses.       

    Burns is PMI Chapter Mentor Region 4 emeritus and specializes in PMI chapter training, professional development and public speaking.  Burns has extensive expertise in global consulting and offers virtual training.



    Certified in Disciplined Agile since 2015, Process Mentors has deep experience providing training and coaching enterprise transformations using DA, both on-site in the UK & the United States and globally via remote methods.

    Process Mentors, Inc. provides Lean – Agile transformations spanning organizations with global distribution of resources to startups with a single product and single co-located team.  Their services are able to center around pragmatic and common-sense solutions to complex impediments.  This is enabled by their experience and knowledge from two decades of helping to balance accelerating delivery of business outcomes with a rate of change that is sustainable and scalable.

    Joshua Barnes, founder, is a Certified DA Instructor and Certified DA Coach and all of their coaches are, at minimum, a Certified DA Practitioner.  They have worked in a variety of industries to successfully combine the principles, practices and techniques of the Disciplined Agile toolkit in order to apply an optimized agile way of working (WoW) that makes sense for each organization and their teams.  They have also been a leader in effectively delivering remote based training and coaching to teams throughout the world.



    Alan Zucker is the founding principal of Project Management Essentials (PME).  Alan’s experience with agile predates the Agile Manifesto, and he takes a context-based, and pragmatic approach to his agile instruction, coaching, and consulting.  

    As a Disciplined Agile instructor and coach, Alan uses his extensive knowledge of several frameworks along with his practical experience leading and building agile organizations as well as leading transformations.  Along with his Disciplined Agile instructor and coach certifications, he has project management (PMP) and agile (PMI-ACP) professional certifications from the Project Management Institute, his SAFE 5.0 Program Consultant (SPC), and Advanced Scrum Master (A-CSM) and Scrum Professional (CSP) certifications from Scrum Alliance.

    Alan is an adjunct instructor at George Mason University and created their agile professional development program.  He is a keynote speaker, appears regularly in the industry press, and writes articles on project management, agile, and leadership.


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